Prolong Device: Helping Men Permanently Master Climax Control Since 2013!

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  • Permanent Treatment
  • Zero Side Effects
  • No Prescription Needed
  • Last 6 Times Longer
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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Step 1

Order Securely.

Order the Climax Control Treatment online, safely and securely, with free discreet shipping. No prescription or doctor’s visit needed.

Step 2

Consistency is Key.

Follow our simple climax control training program three times a week, with each session lasting no longer than 30 minutes.

Step 3

Commit to 6 Weeks.

Continue the program for 6 consecutive weeks, following each step of the control program for full training and treatment.

Step 4

Enjoy Life!

After 6 weeks, experience freedom from premature ejaculation and sexual anxiety, enjoying longer, more fulfilling sex and an improved mood with less stress.


How The Treatment Works.

Using the Prolong Device is straightforward: Just three sessions a week over six weeks can effectively address premature ejaculation, offering a lasting solution.

  • Use the device whilst following our tailored control program.
  • Prolong provides consistent, targeted stimulation to reduce sensitivity over time.
  • Heightened Awareness – A critical element in how permanent results are achieved.
  • Patented design provides targeted, gradual desensitization to the most sensitive part of your penis.

Feeling anxious about sexual performance and seeking a discreet, effective treatment?

Experience a significant improvement in sexual performance with Prolong, a device designed to extend pleasure safely and effectively.

Risk-Free, Clinically Backed 6-Week Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Join 150,000+ Men Who Have Treated Premature Ejaculation With Prolong.

We are so confident in our treatment, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied.

prolong device is clinically validated to have zero side effects when treating premature ejaculation

Clinically Validated With Zero Side Effects

Prolong is not only the world’s only clinically proven solution for premature ejaculation but also unique for its assurance of zero side effects.

prolong device enhances general well being as well as treating premature ejaculation

Better, Longer Sex Is Just The Start

In clinical trials, Prolong not only excelled in treating premature ejaculation but also showed benefits in enhancing general well-being, significant reductions in stress and anxiety levels among participants.

the prolong device is regulated and approved to be sold without the need of a prescription

No Doctor Visits or Monthly Costs

Prolong is recognized and authorized by numerous health organizations for sale without a prescription, making it accessible for anyone over 18 to conveniently purchase the treatment online.

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  • Permanent Treatment
  • Greater Confidence & Satisfaction
  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety
  • Average Climax Increase of 6 Times Longer

The World’s Only Approved & Clinically Proven Non-Prescription Treatment.

Prolong offers a lasting solution, not just a quick fix. It’s a scientifically validated treatment targeting premature ejaculation’s root cause with a proven training program for sustained sexual confidence and endurance.