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Patented handheld device and six weekcontrol training program

Get results from week one: increase duration while lowering distress and anxiety

Clinically developed, tested and proven to work

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Your journey to longer, better sex starts here. Prolong is the world's only climax control training device and program that's both clinically developed and FDA cleared, to produce results fast, that last. No pills, no numbing sprays, no expensive therapy and no side effects.

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Medically cleared

Prolong is the result of leading science and functional design. Our patented device and six-week control training program is cleared by the FDA, so you have complete peace of mind you’ll see results fast, that last.

Zero Side Effects

Unlike other methods, Prolong requires no pills, no sprays and no expensive therapy. Prolong gives you better bedroom results and is proven to have no side effects. We’re talking improved duration and decreased sexual anxiety.

All gain.
No pain.

Sure, Prolong feels great to use, but that’s only the tip of the eggplant. Not only is the patented program super easy to follow, Prolong actually enhances your ’s sensations. And with an average improved duration of up to 8 minutes, it’s the only workout worth wanking over.

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“2 minutes to 15 in 6 weeks.
My gf is very happy!”

Lukas, Berlin

“Getting results. Will definitely keep going.”

Dominik, Bremen

“Finally feels like we can have sex like a normal couple”

Arielle, Brittany

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Elizabeth, Manchester

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