About The Prolong® Device

Creating the world’s only clinically proven, permanent PE treatment.

The Prolong® Device was created by Dr Andy Zamar – Medical Director, Consultant Psychiatrist, and Founder of The London Psychiatry Centre.

The Prolong® Climax Control Device and Training Program is a permanent solution for men who want better control over climax during sex. Whether you just want to up your game between the sheets, or you’re suffering from premature ejaculation, we’re here to help you enjoy better sex.

Dr. Zamar explains:

 “Premature ejaculation is a chronic and disabling problem in relationships. It affects men of all age groups. Sufferers are too embarrassed to raise the issue and Doctors typically don’t ask about the issue.”

If sufferers raise the issue, according to a large 3 country, 12000 people study, only 9% improve after treatment which is why Prolong has changed the way people treat premature ejaculation.

Regular premature ejaculation treatments have side effects, are complicated, expensive or need to be given for the rest of your life. New, fussy treatments emerged which require apps, forms, records and/or a partner to see any result whereas Prolong was designed to be 100% effective without any of these.

Prolong is a non-prescription, yet very effective treatment, easy to use and no one needs to know that you bought it. There are no barriers to accessing and using it. You use it on your own and you have intercourse normally in between training sessions.

Prolong was found to be very effective in a number of studies, the most important of which was conducted at the prestigious Karolinska Medical School in conjunction with Åbo University in Finland.

Prolongs inventor Dr Andy Zamar sought to overcome all of the existing barriers and challenges sufferers of premature ejaculation (PE) encounter such as:

  • Seeking help
  • Discussing the issue of climax control
  • Having therapy, medication or local anaesthetics with side effects
  • Complex treatments with apps
  • Disappointing results

An important factor when deciding to buy a Prolong Device is knowing what the benefits are over following the standard start-stop technique..

Adding Prolong to this technique helps with premature ejaculation in a few ways:

  • Increased stimulation: By using the Prolong Device, you can increase the intensity of the sexual stimulation, which can help to build arousal and increase the time it takes to reach the point of no return.
  • Desensitize Yourself: Prolong helps by delivering a targeted and consistent level of stimulation to the penis, which can help to gradually decrease sensitivity over time. By using the Prolong device as guided, men can improve their ability to control their arousal levels and delay ejaculation, leading to longer-lasting and more satisfying sexual experiences for both partners.
  • Improved awareness: Prolong will also help to improve awareness of the body’s sensations during sex, which can make it easier to recognize when you are approaching the point of no return and take action to prevent premature ejaculation.
  • Practice with control: Using Prolong during the start-stop technique can also provide an opportunity to practice controlling your arousal levels and delaying ejaculation in a safe and controlled way.

The Prolong® Device was specifically created to help you last longer in bed and overcome PE – From its patented design and shape to its carefully crafted vibrations, all created by science for maximum results.

Dr Zamar inventor of the prolong device
Dr. Andy Zamar: Creator of Prolong®

A Few of The Many Prolong® Benefits.

  • Proven, Lasting Results.
  • Completely Safe, No Side Effects
  • Visible Improvements In As Little As A Week
  • Eliminates Stress and Anxiety
  • Empowering Men Since 2013
  • Approved by Multiple Regulatory Authorities
  • No More Reliance On Pills Or Creams
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