5 ways you’re sabotaging your sex life

5 ways you’re sabotaging your sex life
Don’t cock-block yourself from great sex.

Many things can affect your sex life. Although these can often be external factors, let’s take a look at which 5 habits might be self-sabotaging in the sex department.

1. Eating Habits

Eating your partner out is healthy. But the foods you eat, how often you eat them and when you eat them can all affect your sex drive.

A healthy heart means good blood flow to the penis, helping you to get and maintain erections. Overeating, especially right before bed, leads to being tired and sluggish. This means you’re less likely to instigate sex or feel sexy in your body.

We all know what a healthy diet and lifestyle look like and its benefits. Now you can add “improved sex life” to that list.

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2. Threesome with a screen

Unless it's so you can watch a steamy video together, bringing a screen into bed does not make for a saucy threesome partner.

It seems we may have to choose between checking our phone in bed and checking in with our partner’s desires, and the latter is often losing.

Be sure to put aside dedicated time, without screens, where you and your partner can connect. A phone is only allowed to act as a time when doing your control training.

3. Skipping foreplay

The name foreplay is totally unsuitable. It implies that it’s just the support act before the headliner when actually it should take up the majority of the sexual encounter.

If your sexual partner is a woman, get creative with the areas you touch and play with. Sex expert Vanessa Muradian advises, “the inner thigh is the red carpet to the vulva and vagina—you do not want to miss the inner thighs.”

Foreplay is often talked about as being important for women, but it has so many benefits for men, too. Whether it’s with a partner or during solo play, it creates space for exploration, time to relax and be comfortable, and makes the climax oh so sweeter.

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4. Lack of communication

Your partner isn’t a mind reader, and most likely neither are you.

By not communicating with each other your wants and desires, you’re guaranteeing sex that isn’t amazing. How could it be?

Communication in the bedroom should be sexy. It starts with a big, wet “yes” of consent, and can move to dirty talk, sub and dom play, or whispered directions of what feels gooood.

Sounds and body language also count as communication. Be in tune to what your partner is saying with their moans and movements to ensure you’re both having a great time.

Are you not a screamer or just a bit shy? Practice talking aloud when pleasuring yourself.

This will get you used to the idea of verbally expressing what you want. Combine this with Prolong control training, as our studies have shown it improves all parameters of a relationship, including frequency of intercourse and confidence in initiating.

Building communication with your partner is an integral part of a healthy sex life.

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5. Losing confidence from PE

Premature ejaculation can bring you down. Considering that 77% of men want to control how long they last in the bedroom, it’s no wonder.

While avoiding the habits that lead to self-sabotage in the bedroom, you can also proactively take steps to improve your duration and your sex life. And remember, you’re not alone.

Prolong is a holistic treatment that fine-tunes your dick and strengthens your mind to last longer and feel more confident during sex.

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