The Ideal Duration in Bed: What Women Really Want & How to Achieve It

What Women Really Want 101

Discover the truth behind one of the bedroom’s biggest questions: How long do women really want it to last? Unveiling insights from a comprehensive survey of over 2,000 women, this article sheds light on the mysteries of bedroom preferences and introduces an innovative solution to meet them.

Ever Wondered What Women Truly Desire in the Bedroom?

It’s a question that’s puzzled many alongside the likes of ‘what happens in the Bermuda Triangle?’ and ‘who built Stonehenge?’ Understanding what women desire in the bedroom can often feel like an unsolved mystery.

But here’s a shocker: the easiest way to discover what women like is simply to ask them. And that’s precisely what we did. Speaking to over 2,000 women, we’ve uncovered what they’re looking for in their sexual partners.

Here are five fast facts you need to know:

Fact #1: Ideal Duration Isn’t What You Think

The question on many minds — how long does your partner want to have sex? The notion of preparing for marathon-long sessions can exacerbate anxieties about premature ejaculation. However, our research indicates that the ideal duration for women is between ten to twenty minutes. But remember, it’s not all about penetration. Foreplay plays a crucial role in arousal, making the entire experience about much more than just the main act.

Fact #2: Longer Sex Is Better, Only If It’s Good

Yes, longer does tend to be better, but there’s a catch — it has to be enjoyable. If you’re struggling with control, don’t despair. There are numerous techniques and methods to extend your experience while ensuring it remains pleasurable for both parties. Our findings suggest that duration significantly enhances the female sexual experience when it allows for full enjoyment of the moment.

Fact #3: Quality Trumps Duration

The majority of women we surveyed emphasized that quality matters more than how long the sex lasts. Good sex is about mutual communication and being attentive to your partner’s needs and responses. Regular, non-intrusive communication during sex can make all the difference in ensuring both partners are enjoying the experience.

Fact #4: The Importance of Foreplay Cannot Be Overstated

Foreplay isn’t just a preliminary act; it’s often the main event. Our respondents placed a high value on the elements leading up to and following intercourse. Getting your partner aroused means paying attention to the buildup — slow down, communicate, and explore what makes both of you tick.

Fact #5: Confidence Comes From Control

A significant portion of our respondents wished their partners had better control over their performance. Feeling in command can greatly boost your confidence, which in turn, enhances the overall experience for both partners.

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