I climaxed quickly. Now what?

I climaxed quickly. Now what?

Let’s get real — timing can be tricky and it’s very common that both partners don’t get off during sex. Sometimes it’s over for you more quickly than you intended. And when that happens, it’s an opportunity to show your partner how much you care about their pleasure.

Say something


It might feel a little awkward, but trust us, quickly raising the fact that you just climaxed before your partner will help to lighten the mood. If your partner hasn't finished yet, that’s okay. Now’s the time to show them that you are still interested in helping them get there.

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The right moves


It’s always a good idea to have a few different ways to pleasure your partner up your sleeve. Need some fresh ideas? Here at prolongdevice.com, we’ve got you covered.


Allow your partner to take the lead on touching themselves. You can offer to help, too. Does your partner like their nipples sucked on or played with? Deep kissing and dirty talk can also be extra pleasurable when paired with masturbation.


Bring a sex toy into the mix. This works best when there’s a toy your partner is familiar with and comfortable using. Your partner may be shy about bringing it out, so be open and encouraging so they know it’s okay.


Use your touch to bring your partner to orgasm. If your partner is willing, ask them to guide you with their own hands. Ask questions like, “How’s the speed? Would you like more pressure?” If your partner agrees, you can use your fingers to add anal stimulation into the mix, too.


Everyone woman is different, but you can see how she responds to either of these techniques. You might have heard of the A-B-C technique, where you draw the alphabet with your tongue during oral sex. This method is similar, but instead of drawing letters, you’ll use your tongue to draw figure 8s around her clitoris. Use varying pressure and pay close attention to what brings her the most pleasure.


While you’re giving him a blow job, you could try using one of your hands to put light pressure on the area where the shaft meets the scrotum. It can intensify the experience for some men. 😊🍆

How to extend your climax

If you begin to notice a pattern where you’re regularly climaxing before your partner, there are a few ways you can address it.

Products like like numbing sprays and creams, prescription drugs and thicker condoms all tout the benefits of longer lasting sex. However these are expensive, some have side effects and none of these offer long-term results.

Prolong is different. The Prolong Climax Control training program, does just what is says it will do - give you control back over your climax. Prolong blends the science of the stop-start method with a vibrating device and a six week training program that’s easy to use and clinically proven to give you results. Pills, numbing agents and thick condoms won’t be necessary from here on out. 😊🍆

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