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For most men, sex or sexual difficulties aren’t exactly fun topics of conversation among friends. In fact, your knowledge of how to prevent early climaxing might have come from the high school locker rooms or incognito-mode Google searches. But the fact is, early ejaculation is something that affects most men from time to time.

How to Last Longer in Bed

Figuring out how to go longer in bed doesn’t have to carry the negative associations we tend to give it. Feeling anxious about keeping up appearances, or helpless because nothing seems to work only serves to give sex a negative association. And if sex isn’t fun any more, then it’s time to ring the alarm bells.

We’ve looked at some of the better known methods for prolonging sex, and outlined which ones work and don’t work— according to science. No incognito mode needed.

Method #1: The ‘Stop-Start Method’

The idea is to pump a few times… then stop. Then pump a few more times… then stop. This method is great if used in the final moments of sex, but not for the entire experience. The stop-start pattern can prevent you and your partner from finding an easy rhythm and could make it harder to work towards a climax.


Give it a try, but if you use it the whole time, your partner might start to feel like they’re having sex with an alarm clock.

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Method #2: Distraction Method

Biting your tongue. Thinking about your Grandmother. Or lawn chairs. Distracting yourself when you feel like you’re about to climax is one way to delay an orgasm, and the best part is, no one needs to know you’re doing it. The downside is that you will take yourself out of the moment, mentally — and being present during sex is far more enjoyable.


Don’t make mental time travel your go-to method, stay in the moment and really enjoy yourself.

Method #3: Avoiding Foreplay

You know how in the movies, everyone just rips their clothes off and starts going for it? He thrusts, she gasps, and then it’s all just a tangle of limbs and unrealistic orgasms. Well, welcome back to the real world. For both men and women, the body needs to be fully aroused.


If you want to increase your stamina in bed, don’t avoid foreplay. Sex without foreplay is like pasta without sauce. Not terrible, but pretty unsatisfying.

Method #4: Slower Sex

Slow things down to start with — it will build tension and allow you to last longer. But slowing down sex when it’s starting to reach a crescendo is not so sexy.


Make sure you’re picking up the physical cues during sex. If your partner is enjoying the cruising speed, then continue. But if they’re verging on climax, don’t hold back.

Method #5: Less Penetrative Sex

One of the greatest sex myths is that it needs to be penetrative. On the contrary, non-penetrative sex can be some of the most satisfying stuff. But this must be reciprocated with your partner.


Speak with your partner. If they are feeling satisfied sexually with non-penetrative sex, this is a good method to last longer. But if they are craving more, it might be time to find another solution.

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Method #6: The Squeeze Method

Lots of guys would have tried this one before — just before climaxing, you grab your 🍆 and give it a squeeze to stop the orgasm. Not only does this kind of kill the mood, it isn’t 100% reliable. And sometimes it hurts.


Relying on physical intervention isn’t always going to work, particularly if you’re right on the verge of climaxing. And if it doesn’t work, it can really interrupt the flow (and enjoyment!) of your orgasm.

Method #7: Viagra and Medication

For many men, some of the most common ways to treat premature ejaculation is to use medication such as Viagra or numbing sprays. Whilst it’s undoubtedly effective, it’s only a band aid solution to a bigger problem. A big, eight-hour erection-shaped band aid.


Make this your last choice — not your first.

Method #8: Getting Drunk Or High

Numbing down your senses with drugs or alcohol will definitely ensure a longer-lasting erection and slower climax. But there is also risk involved for your health and your partners.


One of these days you’ll have to have sex sober. And you want to be sure you’re able to control climaxing without the help of a beer or two (or five).

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Method #9: Mental Training

Sitting in front of the mirror, stare into your eyes until you feel your dick levitating above your body (just kidding). Mental training is much less mystical than you think — it’s about creating a mindful way to silence anxieties that can lead to premature ejaculation, and take control over your body.


The only permanent solution to controlling your number one favourite organ is by using the power of your second favourite organ. Your brain, dummy.

Method #10: Practice With Masturbation 😊🍆

Jumping into bed with a beautiful man or woman can send your normal sexual behaviour out the window. One minute you’re acting cool, and then all of the sudden you’ve made a mess all over their nice satin bedcover. Using a training device such as Prolong during masturbation will help you establish patterns to prevent climaxing too early.


Just like there’s no quick fix to getting in shape, there’s no quick fix to sexual fitness, either. If you want to run a marathon, you need to train. And if you want to increase stamina between the sheets, you need to train for that too.

Not all of the high-school locker room tips are going to work when it comes to controlling your early ejaculation. But the good news is that there are real, actionable changes you can make to your sex life that will help you to last longer. If you’re looking to take back some control for your 🍆, read more about the Prolong Climax Control Training Program.