Q&A With Dr. Andy Zamar

Q&A With Dr. Andy Zamar

Who is Dr Andy Zamar?

My name is Dr Any Zamar. I'm a consultant psychiatrist in Harley Street in London. I'm a clinician by nature but I've always been curious to develop solutions and excel so I set up in London a centre of excellence whereby we get patients from all over the world. We specialize in treating highly resistant conditions and we have very high success rates that has been reviewed by the Care Quality Commission; A the government inspection body which effectively reviews clinics the report is online available and it gives an idea about my background I also always strive to get and give the very best to my patients and I thought that what I should do is take it beyond my clinic and prolong is one way for me to treat people beyond my clinic who don't even know me my vision of it was to treat everybody who suffers this problem without them having to travel suffer attend many appointments or pay a lot of money for a treatment.

What is Prolong Device?

Prolong Device is a climax control training program which means that men learn how to control their own climax. As a result of our clinical trials, men improved on all parameters of the relationship including impotence including frequency of intercourse, confidence in initiating intercourse, not avoiding intercourse. Even communication improved between the couple which is a very promising thing so really it isn't just about prolonging your ejaculation but it is about improving your relationship to because it takes an area of conflict out of the relationship.

How Does Prolong Device Work?

In a nutshell the way it works is it stimulates the nerve endings to a degree which is not enough for men to ejaculate but that repeated stimulation produces a permanent effect which we call habituation. Another point that is important is the results of comparing prolong to cognitive behavioural therapy with a start-stop technique so when a study was conducted independently of me; in London Teaching Hospitals, they found that when used behaviour therapy combined with start-stop technique men went from around 40 seconds to two and a half minutes and that was 40% of men when they use prolonged on its own with the start-stop technique with no therapy men went from 40 seconds to almost nine minutes and that was 61% of men who did that so in effect more people get better prolong it is cheaper more effective and obviously it has absolutely no side effects How will Prolong Device Saves Men’s Lives?

Premature ejaculation is a very insidious condition it starts at a young age and continues throughout life as a rule with some people it comes and goes and usually triggered by stress. The problem we have under stress is that our relationship’s suffer anyway so when you throw in this dimension to our relationships ; even more for a young man, a young person making choices based on having this problem; the choice of partner, the choice of relationships, the way they interact, the way they socially meet people if they use drugs or alcohol. If you intervene with treating this problem at a young age you will avert many choices which would put people at risk later on that would include the use of drugs.

We know that 16% use drugs to relieve this problem, we know that over 40% use alcohol, we know that patients with PE have or suffered from the effects of PE double the rates of stress anxiety and depression. We know that relationships break down so a lot of things can be averted if you treat this condition early.

The problem we have so far to date is that we have had no treatments that are satisfactory to sufferers and that's not me just saying it. If you look up papers by Metz, my colleague in 2007 if you look up the study done which is called the PEP aid PEPA study that will tell you and for 12,000 people there was no effective treatment for them so prolong offers us that hope, that's how change lives.