Verlängern Sie Geräteüberprüfungen

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Purchased it around 4 months and finally got round to finishing a full 6 weeks and all I can say is how impressed I am in the difference. Thanks

Definietely an improvement

I wasn't getting anywhere with following the start stop method so decided to try it with PRolong. Not only did I start seeing an increase but i'm 9 weeks in and so far I am still able to control it better than before.

I bought this at the beginning of December and has already seen a big difference in my stamina

Very happy with my purchase

I took a while before I decided to buy the prolong device but i'm happy I did as me and my partner saw a decent increase in my 'stamina' in the first couple of weeks.

It worked ok for me but i'm last about twice aslong as before


I actually found this from pehelp and i'm glad I did

Works better than i thought it woud

one powerful little device..

I actually bought this after years of buying creams that help delay the process but now I don't need them so very happy!

Better results than i imagined

Life changer!!!

Prolong has changed my life in just 6 weeks

After 4 weeks, I am already lasting longer

Vibrations aren't as strong as I thought they would be

Last much longer now

Can last much longer now