Prolong Helps You Put A Stop To Premature Ejaculation
In Just 6 Weeks.

  • Last 6 Times Longer On Average
  • FDA-Compliant Treatment, Safe and Effective
  • No Prescription Needed
  • Zero Side Effects, Permanent Results
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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Step 1

Order Your Treatment Safely & Securely.

Order the Climax Control Treatment online with free discreet shipping – No prescription or doctor’s visit needed.

Step 2

Use The Device With The Program 3 Times A Week.

Follow our easy climax control training program 3 times a week for sessions no longer than 30 minutes each.

Step 3

Follow The Program For 6 Consecutive Weeks.

Ensure each step of the control program is followed and ensure you allow a full 6 week period for your training/treatment.

Step 4

Enjoy A Better, Longer Sex Life.

After finishing the 6-week treatment, you’ll not just beat PE but also enjoy a brighter mood and less stress.

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  • Greater Confidence In & Out Of The Bedroom.
  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety.
  • Greater Sexual Awareness.
  • Improved Mood In Every Day Life.

Stop Premature Ejaculation and Reclaim Your Sexual Confidence with Prolong®

Premature ejaculation is common and as many as 1 in 3 men will experience it during their life. It’s frustrating but fixable.

Did you know that the average duration of penetrative intercourse is 5.4 minutes? 
With Prolong, you can discover new dimensions of intimacy and pleasure, extending those special moments with your partner.

Success Stories

Hear from men who’ve beaten premature ejaculation with Prolong®. They found lasting control and so can you.

The Story

Prolong was created and developed by world renowned sexual health experts. Dr Zamar invented Prolong using science and clinical trials to make Prolong the worlds first clinically proven PE treatment.

Large Treatment Effect

During its certification, Prolong was documented as having a large treatment effect, scoring 0.8 of out 1 which is the highest any treatment like this has ever scored!