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I bought a prolong about 5 months ago but didn't start using it until the beginning of December. It was easy to use and follow the instructions. I only noticed a difference about a week ago but that was maybe because it was the first time having proper sex instead of using it alone. Really happy tbh and hope it keeps working.


The guys were super helpful with answering all of my questions before I bought it. When it arrived I followed the program properly and did it 3 times a week for 6 full weeks. Once I worked out how to use it properly, I definitely saw a big change after a couple of weeks and I think from the 4th week my girlfriend even said something after sex about it being 'longer'.


After no luck with trying the start stop technique I decided to try this due to the claims made. I followed the program for 6 weeks (finished 2 weeks ago) and I can see a big difference since. I think the biggest thing is my confidence with my girlfriend now.


Bought this on the recommendation from another website and it works. Had an issue with over using it at the beginning which meant I killed the battery but they sent another one out so I could finish. Definitely lasting longer than I did before. Only negative is it took a few goes to get used to using it.

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I don't usually leave reviews and especially not this sort of thing but after following the programme and how good the customer support guys were I wanted to leave a review to say that if anyone is hesitating just buy it and do it.
Annoyingly I didn't time myself at the beginning but I am lasting a lot longer than i ever did.

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Dispositivo Prolong® - Programma di allenamento per il controllo del climax di 6 settimane

Prezzo regolare$229.00
Spedizione espressa opzionale calcolata al momento del pagamento.
  • Trasforma le tue prestazioni: prova un piacere fino a 6 volte più duraturo per una maggiore soddisfazione.
  • Risultati rapidi e permanenti: ottieni miglioramenti duraturi in appena 1 settimana con il nostro programma di 6 settimane.
  • Supportato dalla scienza: efficacia clinicamente provata, sviluppata dai migliori urologi ed esperti sanitari.
  • Certificato da più organismi di regolamentazione: Una soluzione sicura, rigorosamente valutata, non invasiva e priva di farmaci.
  • Aumenta la tua sicurezza: sentiti più sicuro nei momenti intimi senza bisogno di creme o pillole.
  • La sicurezza prima di tutto: goditi i vantaggi con zero effetti collaterali e un tasso di successo clinico del 98%.
  • Senza rischi: protetto da una garanzia di rimborso al 100%, garantendo la completa soddisfazione.
  • Senza problemi: spedizione gratuita per tutti gli ordini e garanzia completa di 1 anno.