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Step 1

Order Discreetly, Safely & Securely.

Order the Climax Control Training online – No prescription or doctor’s visit needed.

Step 2

Use The Device With The Program 3 Times A Week.

Use our easy climax control training program 3 times a week for sessions under 30 minutes each.

Step 3

Follow The Program For 6 Consecutive Weeks.

Ensure each step of the control program is followed and ensure you allow a full 6 week period for your training.

Step 4

Enjoy Better, Longer Sex!

Once you’ve finished the 6-week control program, not only will better sex be a reality but you’ll notice positive changes in your mood and less stress.

Fed Up With Not Being Able To Last Long Enough In Bed?

Prolong® is the clinically proven solution to achieving enhanced climax control. We’ve been helping men last longer in bed since 2013!

How Does Prolong Work?

Prolong delivers targeted and consistent level of stimulation to the penis, which can help to gradually decrease sensitivity over time.
By using the Prolong device, men will improve their ability to control their arousal levels and delay ejaculation.

Last Longer in bed and enjoy the sex you deserve!

Transform Your Intimate Moments

Prolong® delivers a groundbreaking, vibrator-assisted 6-week training program designed by sexual health experts for substantial stamina improvement. With just three easy sessions a week, experience enhanced sexual performance and confidence naturally and safely.

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