We get that men’s sexual wellbeing is experienced by more than just men. So whoever you are, and whatever you’re into, take this as your invitation to the sex-positive conversation. Because when it comes to creating better sex lives, we want everyone to be heard.

In fact, that’s why we created The Prolong Device - with a sex-positive platform, to empower great sex. We’re your go-to for practical advice on everything from better relationships to better positions.

And, if like 77% of men, the dick in your life wants more control over its climax, we’re here to give it rigorously researched, evidence-based help. Which is why Dr Andy Zamar, Medical Director, Consultant Psychiatrist, and founder of the London Psychiatry Centre invented the Prolong Climax Control Training Program - a long term solution for men who want better self-control in bed.

Why? Because whether it’s with your right hand or the right lover, we believe great sex is the start of great things.