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Climax Control: Your Path to Sexual Confidence

Permanent control in 6 weeks with our clinically proven climax control treatment!

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Maximize Your Sexual Potential With Prolong

Improve sexual your performance with Prolong, ideal for individual or partnered use. Increase stamina, manage premature ejaculation, and enjoy satisfying sexual experiences.

🔹 Increased Stamina: Experience a significant boost in staying power, with the potential to last up to six times longer, making sexual encounters more fulfilling.

🔹 Superior to Traditional Methods: Clinically proven to be more effective than standard treatments like CBT, Prolong extends average performance, leading to greater satisfaction and confidence.

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Sexual Confidence with Better Control

Dr. Andy Zamar, Founder of The London Psychiatry Centre and Creator of Prolong Device, says:

"A loss of sexual confidence can have a huge impact on mental wellbeing, being linked to increased mental health issues as well as substance and alcohol abuse. For lifelong sufferers of premature ejaculation, finding a permanent solution has previously been hugely costly and time consuming, with treatments limited to techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy.

This has meant that many men have not been able to seek support, and have been left feeling isolated. Through this program, we're able to offer men a cost effective, permanent solution - with no side effects - which they can use in the privacy of their own home."

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Prolong™ Climax Control Training Program

Looking to gain better control over your climax? Our control program is clinically proven, straightforward, practical, and designed to make a real difference.

What the Studies Say:
We’ve done our homework. Third-party verified clinical research confirmed that Prolong is effective in treating premature ejaculation. This isn’t just about temporary fixes; it’s about creating lasting improvements in your sexual performance and satisfaction.

Key Results from the Studies:

  • Effective Treatment: Prolong significantly aids in overcoming PE, enhancing sexual stamina and control.
  • Long-Lasting Benefits: Even at a 6-month follow up, users report maintaining improved control and satisfaction over time.
  • Reducing Anxiety: Prolong addresses not just the physical but also the psychological aspects of PE, removing anxiety and enhancing the enjoyment of sex.

About the Program:
The Prolong device is straightforward and delivers quick results. With following the climax control program three times a week, you can see improvements rapidly. Comprehensive guidance is provided, ensuring you fully benefit from the program.

Ready to overcome premature ejaculation and experience better intimacy? Try Prolong for increased confidence, enhanced experiences, and lasting results.

For any questions or additional information, please reach out via our contact form here. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

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Prolong® Device - 6 Week Climax Control Training Program

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✓ Last 6 Times Longer in Bed.

✓ Scientifically Backed by Clinical Studies.

✓ Permanent Results in as Little as 1 Week.

✓ 6 Week Training Program.

✓ Boost Your Confidence in Bed.

✓ Zero Side Effects.

✓ Say Goodbye to Creams and Pills Forever.

✓ Discreet And Simple to Use.

✓ Free Shipping With a 1-Year Warranty.