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Maximize Your Sexual Potential With Prolong


Our device is very simple to use and can be used alone or with a partner - By using this innovative device, men can increase their sexual stamina by up to 6 times, improve their overall satisfaction level, and treat premature ejaculation permanently.

In independent clinical trials of the Prolong™ device, it was found to delay the time to ejaculation from 48 seconds to 8.8 minutes on average in 61% of men compared to 2 minutes and 36 seconds in 40% of men having the Gold standard treatment (CBT), with a difference of 6 minutes and 12 seconds between the 2 groups.

Climax Control Training Program

Prolong Climax Control Training Program, developed by globally renowned psychiatrist Dr. Andy Zamar, coaches you with ease towards greater control of your climax, and of your life.

"The clinical studies conducted on Prolong™ have provided compelling evidence of its effectiveness in treating premature ejaculation (PE). These studies have demonstrated the program's ability to deliver significant and substantial improvements in sexual performance and overall well-being for participants."

Key findings from the clinical studies include:

Large Treatment Effect: Prolong™ has been widely recognized for producing a "Large Treatment Effect" in managing premature ejaculation. This means that the impact on improving sexual stamina and control is highly significant and noticeable.

Long-Term Results: The studies have shown that the benefits of Prolong™ are not short-lived. Participants who completed the program experienced lasting control over their ejaculation, leading to enhanced sexual satisfaction and confidence.

Reduction in Anxiety and Stress: Prolong™ addresses not only the physical aspects of premature ejaculation but also its psychological components. The program's mind-body approach helps reduce anxiety and performance pressure related to sexual encounters.

Improvement in Well-Being: Participants reported an overall improvement in their well-being, not just in their sexual lives but also in their daily activities. Reduced stress and anxiety from intimate relationships can positively impact various aspects of life.

It's important to note that these findings are based on scientific research and rigorous testing conducted with real participants. Our reputation as a clinically proven treatment for premature ejaculation is supported by the evidence gathered from these studies, making it a trusted and reliable solution for those seeking lasting control and improved sexual experiences.


The Prolong device is very easy to use and can achieve great, long lasting results fast!

The training program has been designed to be followed up to 3 times a week every week for 6 weeks for optimal results although some users do see noticeable improvements after just 1 week.

Full instructions / guides are provided in the box when you receive it so please make sure you read it all and follow the steps to ensure you will get the best results.

Say goodbye to premature ejaculation and enjoy longer, more satisfying intimacy with your partner. Buy Prolong™ now and reclaim your confidence in the bedroom like thousands of other sufferers have!

If you would like any further information about the Prolong™ Device, please just use the contact form here and we'll aim to get back to you within 24 hours.