About Premature Ejaculation

What is premature ejaculation?

P.E. is the inability to control ejaculation enough for both partners to enjoy sex. Whether it strikes after the slightest sexual stimulation, during foreplay, or quickly after penetration, P.E. ultimately means less pleasure time. In some cases, that has some pretty negative personal consequences from avoiding sex and intimacy to anxiety and depression.

Ejaculation issues can be divided into two subtypes:

Lifelong: symptoms being present since first sexual intercourse

Acquired: a gradual loss of control after a period of satisfactory ejaculation

Should I use Prolong™ if I don’t suffer with premature ejaculation?

If, like 77%¹ of men, you want more control over how long you last in bed, it’s time to try Prolong™. Our control program is clinically designed to improve your time to climax which leads to a heap of other benefits.

So, whether you want to build your confidence and sexual stamina, kick early ejaculation to the curb, or take your relationship and partner’s satisfaction to the next level, it’s time to turn on Prolong.

¹ Research conducted by Censuswide via an online panel, polling 2,026 males in Australia and the US and 2,003 females in Australia and the US between 21.03.2018 - 23.03.2018

How Common Is Premature Ejaculation?

Very. In fact, it’s the most common sexual complaint in men.

28% of men have been affected by P.E. at one time or another.

53% of US men have avoided sex because of how long they last.

Source - Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy (2013): Evaluation of a behavioral treatment intervention for premature ejaculation using a hand-held stimulating device, Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy.Research conducted by Censuswide via an online panel, polling 2,026 males in Australia and the US and 2,003 females in Australia and the US between 21.03.2018 - 23.03.2018.

How Is Premature Ejaculation Diagnosed?

P.E. is a self-reported diagnosis. If you see your doctor, they’ll ask about your sexual history, and get you to describe the details of when you climax early.

If you have a partner, their opinion can also give a pretty significant insight. It’s important you give a complete description in order for your doctor to distinguish P.E. from erectile dysfunction.

How important is it to seek treatment for premature ejaculation?

P.E. is a common, and treatable condition - so the question really is, why wouldn’t you treat it?

Increasing your sexual stamina can also help boost your self-esteem and confidence. Plus, you don’t even need a prescription to use Prolong - which means you can treat yourself, on your own terms.

Are There Any Premature Ejaculation Treatments Approved By The FDA?

FDA-cleared treatment options for premature ejaculation are pretty limited, with many drugs being prescribed off-label. This means doctors prescribe things like antidepressants to treat P.E.

The Prolong climax control training program is FDA-cleared, delivering results quickly and permanently, with zero side effects.

What treatments are available to treat premature ejaculation (PE)?

There are the treatments for P.E. that work on your mind, and the ones that work on your body.

For the mind: You can treat P.E. with therapy (psychosexual and cognitive behavioral therapy), though it’s expensive and you need a partner to participate.

For the body: There are a couple of medical interventions (local anesthetics or antidepressants), but these aren’t actually cleared by the FDA to treat P.E. Not only can these carry side effects like diarrhea, nausea, sedation and anxiety, but local anesthetics can be transferred to your partner’s skin, making both of you numb.

Just like sex, treatment for P.E. is better when it involves your body and your mind. So we created a more holistic treatment that fine tunes your penis and strengthens your mind. It’s also the world’s only FDA-cleared device and control training treatment for premature ejaculation.

How does Prolong treat Premature Ejaculation?

By fine tuning the over-sensitive area under the head of your penis just enough to delay climax for a reasonable period of time.

To pull this off, Prolong pairs a patented discreet hand-held device with a patented six-week training program.
The device is used 3 times a week with the ‘Start-Stop’ technique.
Hold the device just under the head of your penis, then get to work stimulating.
Once you’re near climax, stop before ejaculating by removing the device. After repeating this twice more you can ejaculate on the third round.

About Prolong™

What is Prolong™?

The Prolong Climax Control Training Program is a permanent solution for men who want better control over climax during sex. Whether you just want to up your game between the sheets, or you’re suffering from premature ejaculation, we’re here to help you enjoy better sex.

After some heavy duty research, we developed a licensed, FDA-cleared medical device to enhance the ‘Start-Stop’ technique without the need for expensive psychotherapy (or even a partner). Several clinical trials and orgasms later, our vibrating device was ready.

Pair those good vibes with our patented Prolong Control Training Program to tap into an effective (and long-lasting) solution that allows you to last longer in bed, and improve your sexual confidence.

Does Prolong™ work?

Simple answer is yes!

Dr Zamar and his team spent a long time creating the Prolong Device using data from scientific studies and also 'real person' trials.

Amazingly, 1 in 3 men suffer from premature ejaculation so we know how important finding a cure was.

Unlike other products on the market, Prolong results have been proven to last and thanks to its compact size, you can use it wherever you want and with the added bonus of no strange or time consuming set up procedures like other products have.

Is there any science behind Prolong?

Prolong was built on science. Check out the results of the independent clinical trials and studies of the Prolong prototype (used in conjunction with the ‘Start-Stop’ technique).

A qualitative clinical trial, conducted by Kings College London medical school teaching hospitals, compared use of the Prolong device with cognitive behavioral therapy. Using the Prolong Climax Control Training program in 58 subjects was found to delay time to ejaculation from 48 seconds (0.8 minutes) to 8 minutes and 48 seconds (8.8 minutes) on average in 61% of men, compared to 2 minutes and 36 seconds (2.6 minutes) in 40% of men having cognitive behavioral therapy, with a difference on average of 6 minutes and 12 seconds (6.2 minutes) between the two groups.³

In an independent study conducted by Abo University in Finland, Prolong was trialed on lifelong sufferers of premature ejaculation (who failed to respond to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors - antidepressants used to treat P.E.). Participants reported significant improvement in delaying ejaculation after treatment. These improvements remained stable or further improved six months down the line. Subjects reported zero side effects.¹

In a study submitted to the FDA, the Prolong Climax Control Training Program was found to improve all aspects of sexual satisfaction. From initiating sex, to frequency, enjoyment of intercourse and even communication between the couple. Participants using Prolong achieved a median increase in time to ejaculation of 3 minutes (33 subjects were enrolled and 23 were still using the device at week 6). The 11 subjects who dropped out were included in the final statistical analysis (ITT) to ascertain effectiveness and the end result showed an added 3 minutes across all 33 subjects with the drop-outs calculated as no improvement, diluting the results in the 23 completers. All subjects who completed the treatment improved.

A comparison of pre-treatment and end-of-treatment scores for completed BAI, BDI-II and GRISS questionnaires showed an overall improvement in both treatment groups for distress such as anxiety, depression, and parameters of sexual satisfaction such as sexual function and sexual relationship, respectively, at the end of the study. Six-week use of the Prolong device with lubricant was associated with an improvement in impotence, premature ejaculation, avoidance, dissatisfaction, and infrequency in both treatment groups.

There were no reported (0%) adverse events (AEs) for the Prolong hand-held device in either of the two lubricant subject groups who completed the six week treatment period. Eleven subjects dropped out of the study; none were related to treatment side effect/adverse events.²

The device has not been tested on patients with diabetes. Diabetic patients were excluded from Prolong trials since they may have a greater tendency for skin injury and may have decreased response due to neurological and/or vascular deficits.

Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy (2013): Evaluation of a behavioral treatment intervention for premature ejaculation using a hand-held stimulating device, Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy Study submitted to FDA, 2013, UK. Conducted on 33 males where the Prolong prototype was used in conjunction with the “Start-Stop Technique” at least three times per week for a total of six weeks. The data were evaluated using descriptive statistics including mean, median, 95% confidence interval (CI) and change from pre-treatment (baseline) to end of treatment.

A Novel Treatment For Premature Ejaculation (PE): A Randomised Controlled Trial, a qualitative clinical trial conducted at Kings College London medical school teaching hospitals. Authors; Wise M E Jan1, Pujol M2, Baggeley M R2, Crowe M.3 1 CNWL, Brent East CMHT, London NW6 6BX, SLAM Mental Health Trust, York Clinic, St Thomas St, London SW1, SLAM Mental Health Trust, The Maudsley Hospital, Denmark Hill, London SE5 8AZ.

What is climax control training?

Control training is the lasting solution to what 77%¹ of men want - more control over how long they last between the sheets.

Created by the globally renowned psychiatrist Dr. Andy Zamar, The Prolong Climax Control Training Program blends the science of the ‘Start-Stop’ technique with the only FDA-cleared device for climax control. The results? A lasting (and clinically proven) solution for improving your sexual stamina.

Find out how the 6 week Control Training Program can change your life.. And your partner's.

Independent study, 2013, Department of Psychology and Logopedics, Abo Akademi University, Finland. Conducted on eleven Finnish men (33-65yrs) previously diagnosed with lifelong P.E.. All subjects had stopped using SSRI’s at least six months prior to enrolling in study due to poor results or side effects. Results were collected on a five-point Likert scale.

How do I use the Prolong Device?

It’s pretty simple - you pair the device with the steps of the Prolong Climax Control Training Program .

Basically, you hold the vibrating Prolong on that sweet spot under the head of your penis, then massage the area with a bit of gentle pressure.

Before you feel like you’re about to ejaculate, remove Prolong and take a break.

Then repeat this process another two times for up to 30 minutes, before (like all good things) you come to an end, allowing yourself to ejaculate freely.

Repeat the process 3 times a week for 6 weeks for maximum results.

Can my partner help me train?

Every good cause deserves a volunteer. Why not pull out Prolong during foreplay? Just make sure to stick to the program. Fill your partner in on the steps so they can bring you up to climax, then back down twice, before letting you tip over the edge on the third round.

Is Prolong as effective as other available treatments?

No - it’s more effective.

Prolong is between 2-3 times more effective¹ than the next best treatment for premature ejaculation - psychosexual therapy. In fact, in an independent study, 73% of men who failed to improve using antidepressants and dapoxetine, improved once they used Prolong™ AND continued to improve six months after their six week training ended.

¹ Research conducted by Censuswide via an online panel, polling 2,026 males in Australia and the US and 2,003 females in Australia and the US between 21.03.2018 - 23.03.2018.Independent study, 2013, Department of Psychology and Logopedics, Abo Akademi University, Finland. Conducted on eleven Finnish men (33-65yrs) previously diagnosed with lifelong PE. All subjects had stopped using SSRI’s at least six months prior to enrolling in study due to poor results or side effects. Results were collected on a five-point Likert scale.

Does the Prolong™ Device have any side effects like other methods?

None, Prolong has zero side effects when used as directed - it even has the FDA stamp to prove it.

Is Prolong recommended by doctors?

Yes - in fact, Prolong was created by them. Developed by Dr Andy Zamar, Medical Director, Consultant Psychiatrist, and Founder of The London Psychiatry Centre, Prolong went through independent clinical trials before it was cleared by the FDA as the world’s only medical device to improve your climax control.

Added bonus? Forget dropping your pants in the doctor’s office, Prolong doesn’t require a prescription to use it.

Who regulates devices like Prolong™?

Prolong™ is regulated by different bodies around the world. In the U.S, it’s regulated by a little federal agency you may have heard of - the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Prolong is regulated by the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), which is responsible for regulating firms who manufacture, repackage, re-label and/or import medical devices sold in the United States.

In order to get clearance to market, we had to provide clinical performance data - AKA, a clinical trial. Independent trials were conducted in accordance with FDA’s Investigational Device Exemption (IDE)7 regulation. (And the results were pretty impressive.)

We are working around the clock to be able to sell Prolong™ in other markets too.

What Warranty Do You Offer?

We offer a one year warranty on your devices battery.

Whilst the device and program were specifically designed to be used over a 6 week period, we know that some users would like to use it again.

Please get in touch with our customer service team and we'd be happy to assist.

The Power of Prolong & Start Stop Technique together

An important factor when deciding to buy a Prolong™ Device is knowing what the benefits are over following the standard start-stop technique..

Adding Prolong to this technique helps with premature ejaculation in a few ways:

Increased stimulation: By using the Prolong Device, you can increase the intensity of the sexual stimulation, which can help to build arousal and increase the time it takes to reach the point of no return.

Desensitize Yourself: Prolong helps by delivering a targeted and consistent level of stimulation to the penis, which can help to gradually decrease sensitivity over time. By using the Prolong device as guided, men can improve their ability to control their arousal levels and delay ejaculation, leading to longer-lasting and more satisfying sexual experiences for both partners.

Improved awareness: Prolong will also help to improve awareness of the body's sensations during sex, which can make it easier to recognize when you are approaching the point of no return and take action to prevent premature ejaculation.

Practice with control: Using Prolong during the start-stop technique can also provide an opportunity to practice controlling your arousal levels and delaying ejaculation in a safe and controlled way.

The Prolong™ Device was specifically created to help you last longer in bed and overcome PE - From it's specially designed shape to its 'vibrations', all created for maximum results.

Delivery and Shipping

Where do you ship to?

Prolong is currently only available to customers who live within the US. We are working hard with the many different regulatory bodies around the world to enable us to provide customers around the world with the opportunity to buy Prolong.

Will my order be shipped discreetly?

Of course - every Prolong™ Device ordered is shipped in discreet packaging. Don’t get us wrong, improving your sexual stamina is nothing to hide. But you can tell your postman, boss or lover when you choose.

How long does it take to arrive?

We typically dispatch orders the same day or the day after and shipping usually takes 2-5 business days depending on where you are in the US.

How much does shipping cost?

Standard shipping is absolutely free. If you would like to get your delivery faster, there are paid options. Please refer to our Shipping Information page for further details. 

What’s your return policy?

Before attempting to return an order you will need to contact our customer service team to request a returns authorization number. Without this, returns may not be accepted and refunds will not be processed.

Please ensure that the items you are returning are unopened and in any original packaging. Unwanted goods need to be in pristine condition with any retail seals unbroken.

If you want to return your Prolong Device, please get in touch with our Customer Service team via customersupport@prolongdevice.com.

More information can be found on our Refund Policy page.