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Take Charge of Your Sexual Performance!

No Prescription Needed. Last 6 Times Longer In 6 Weeks, FDA Cleared & Clinically Proven.

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Stop Premature Ejaculation Permanently With Prolong™

Mind & Body

Our treatment trains your brain to recognize arousal levels and helps to reduce your sensitivity levels.

By doing this, you gain more control and it helps to prolong climax just enough to have better, longer sex.

Training Program

Imagine a life where you're in complete control of your intimate moments.

Our 6-week training program enables you to take charge, providing you with the keys to lasting satisfaction. By following the program just three times a week for six weeks, you'll experience a remarkable transformation.

Intimacy on Your Terms

Enhancements Guaranteed -

Increasing the stimulation needed through our patented device.
Desensitization of the over-sensitive glans of your penis.
Improved awareness of sensations.
Increased bedroom confidence.

Clinically Proven Results

The most widely acknowledged treatment in clinical practice:

✔ Notice a substantial reduction in stress and anxiety levels related to sexual encounters.

✔ Enhance your self-assurance in the bedroom and prolong your performance by up to sixfold.

✔ No longer rely on costly, temporary subscription methods or tedious therapy sessions.

✔ Embrace a happier, more confident version of yourself with the aid of Prolong.

A happy, relaxed couple in bed.

Stop Premature Ejaculation in Just 6 Weeks

Our FDA Cleared premature ejaculation device works in conjunction with the start stop technique (This used to be considered the 'Gold Standard Treatment' until our device was approved).

Treatment Highlights:

  • Increases the stimulation
  • Helps to desensitize your penis just enough to help decrease sensitivity.
  • Improved awareness of the sensations you feel during sex.
  • A medically recognized way to master controlling your arousal levels.
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Prolong® Device - 6 Week Climax Control Training Program

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✓ Last 6 Times Longer in Bed.

✓ Scientifically Backed by Clinical Studies.

✓ Permanent Results in as Little as 1 Week.

✓ 6 Week Training Program.

✓ Boost Your Confidence in Bed.

✓ Zero Side Effects.

✓ Say Goodbye to Creams and Pills Forever.

✓ Discreet And Simple to Use.

✓ Free Shipping With a 1-Year Warranty.