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Last Longer Than Ever Before

Key to Lasting Longer in Bed

∞ Scientifically proven to work by delaying ejaculation giving real, lasting results.

∞ Our treatment offers a safe, natural way to increase stamina and confidence in the bedroom.

∞ Say goodbye to the stress and anxiety of premature ejaculation with our proven, doctor-recommended solution.

∞ Our FDA-cleared medical device is backed by science and trusted by doctors, giving you the confidence and peace of mind.

∞ No more hassle with prescriptions, subscriptions, or doctor visits - our simple, effective solution puts you in control of your sexual health.

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dr zamar inventor of the prolong device

FDA Cleared Treatment

A Common Concern

Lasting longer in bed is a common concern for many men around the world and it can have a significant impact on sexual performance and satisfaction - Prolong helps by delaying ejaculation:

  • Stimulating your penis using specific vibrations.
  • Helps to increase your bedroom stamina.
  • Helps you to become more aware of the sensations you feel during sex.
  • Gives you the control needed to have longer, better sex.
happy couple after using prolong device

A Device With Many Benefits


Prolong Device helps not only to increase your sexual performance but you'll see a significant increase in your overall confidence.

Studies have shown that men who have used our climax control device also notice a substantial reduction in stress and anxiety throughout plenty of aspects of their lives.

This is your chance to not only improve your sex life but also your overall well-being, permanently.

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One of the key benefits of Prolong™ is that it helps men to last longer in bed and overcome premature ejaculation, which will improve sexual satisfaction for both partners. Additionally, lasting longer in bed will also lead to increased confidence and self-esteem. Many men who experience PE may feel self-conscious or anxious about their performance in bed, but Prolong™ can help to alleviate these feelings.

Prolong™ will also help to increase stamina, allowing men to have more satisfying and longer-lasting sexual encounters. This can lead to improved physical and emotional well-being, which can have a positive impact on relationships and overall quality of life.

Another benefit of Prolong™ is that it's a non-invasive premature ejaculation treatment option, with no side effects. Unlike some medications or surgery, Prolong does not require any recovery time and can be used as often as needed.

Prolong™ is a one-time purchase, which makes it an affordable solution for men who want to last longer in bed. Prolong is a cost-effective, permanent treatment option that helps men to overcome PE and improve their sexual performance.

Prolong™ is a last longer device that has been rigorously tested in clinical trials to help delay ejaculation and enable you to last longer in bed.

Don't forget - You're not alone.. Nearly a third of all men will experience premature ejaculation at one point in their life!