Prolong™ Climax Control Training Program

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  • *Now available for purchase in Europe & UK!*
  • 6 Week Climax Control Program - All without the need of pills, sprays or expensive therapy ever again!
  • The world's only climax control training program with proven, permanent results.
  •  Master the moment with heightened climax control - Last up to 6 times longer.
  • Effortlessly effective: A no-fuss, scientifically proven solution to increased sexual endurance and overcome premature ejaculation. 
  • Increase your sexual confidence and stamina whilst reducing anxiety and stress.
  • Free discreet shipping & 1 Year Warranty. 


    1 x Prolong™ Device

    1 x Water-based lubricant

    1 x Instructions / Training program

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    Say Goodbye to Premature Ejaculation with Prolong™

    Enjoy Longer Intimacy

    Do you find yourself asking 'Why do I only last 30 seconds in bed?' or 'How can I last longer in bed?' Don't worry, you're not alone. But the solution is here – Prolong™ Device.

    Say goodbye to premature ejaculation and enjoy longer, more satisfying intimacy with your partner. Buy now and reclaim your confidence in the bedroom and increase time to ejaculation by up to 6 times!

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    The New Gold Standard

    Ultimate Climax Control

    Dr. Andy Zamar, the inventor of Prolong™ incorporated its use into a comprehensive 6-week training program that also utilizes the Start-Stop Technique. By using Prolong™ in combination with the Start-Stop Technique, men can experience even greater improvements in their ability to delay ejaculation.

    Prolong™ works by providing additional stimulation to the most sensitive parts of the penis, which reduces over-sensitivity and promotes a process known as desensitization. This unique approach allows for better control over ejaculation, which cannot be achieved through the standard start-stop method alone. With Prolong™, men can enjoy longer-lasting and more satisfying sexual experiences.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 346 reviews
    Mark W

    Purchased it around 4 months and finally got round to finishing a full 6 weeks and all I can say is how impressed I am in the difference. Thanks

    Definietely an improvement

    I wasn't getting anywhere with following the start stop method so decided to try it with PRolong. Not only did I start seeing an increase but i'm 9 weeks in and so far I am still able to control it better than before.


    5 star buy

    Tony Mc

    I bought this at the beginning of December and has already seen a big difference in my stamina


    A new me

    Still Have Questions?

    Suggested Use

    Prolong™ Device is a premature ejaculation device which is used as part of a climax control program for males who suffer from premature ejaculation. It is designed to increase the time between arousal and ejaculation through the use of the training sessions using the stimulating vibratory effects of the device on the penis as part of the "Start-Stop" technique.

    Prolong™ is intended to be available as an over-the-counter-device to treat premature ejaculation and help you last longer in bed.

    If you are looking to last longer during sex, Prolong™ Device is for you.

    How the Prolong Device Enhances the Start-Stop Technique

    An important factor when deciding to buy a Prolong™ Device is knowing what the benefits are over following the standard start-stop technique..

    Adding Prolong to this technique helps with premature ejaculation in a few ways:

    Increased stimulation: By using the Prolong Device, you can increase the intensity of the sexual stimulation, which can help to build arousal and increase the time it takes to reach the point of no return.

    Desensitize Yourself: Prolong helps by delivering a targeted and consistent level of stimulation to the penis, which can help to gradually decrease sensitivity over time. By using the Prolong device as guided, men can improve their ability to control their arousal levels and delay ejaculation, leading to longer-lasting and more satisfying sexual experiences for both partners.

    Improved awareness: Prolong will also help to improve awareness of the body's sensations during sex, which can make it easier to recognize when you are approaching the point of no return and take action to prevent premature ejaculation.

    Practice with control: Using Prolong during the start-stop technique can also provide an opportunity to practice controlling your arousal levels and delaying ejaculation in a safe and controlled way.

    The Prolong™ Device was specifically created to help you last longer in bed and overcome PE - From it's specially designed shape to its unique 'vibrations', all created for maximum, permanent results.

    Will it work on me?

    The Prolong™ Device was created by Dr Andy Zamar - Medical Director, Consultant Psychiatrist, and Founder of The London Psychiatry Centre.

    After years of scientific research and studies, Prolong™ has been finetuned to make sure that provided you follow our program, you WILL see results and premature ejaculation will be a thing of the past!

    how effective is Prolong™?

    Prolong is between 2-3 times more effective than the next best treatment for premature ejaculation - psychosexual therapy. In fact, in an independent study, 73% of men who failed to improve using antidepressants and dapoxetine, improved once they used Prolong™ AND continued to improve six months after their six week training ended.

    Feel free to view the results of one of our clinical trials for yourself here.

    how is it shipped?

    All orders are shipped in discreet, non branded packaging so you have no worries about anyone seeing your latest (and greatest) purchase.

    As an added bonus, we offer free standard shipping on all orders.